“Auguste Perret: Eight Masterpieces!/?” took place in the pillared hypostyle room of the Palais d’Iéna, one of Perret's most significant projects. The exhibition was an invite to explore the wealth of the significance of reinforced concrete architecture today and to question its modern heritage.

The exhibition includes archive materials and a series of contemporary contribution. Over 400 original documents have been selected, some of them on public display for the first time: 100 original architectural drawings from the Perret agency, Photographs from the Chevojon studio, models, a mixed bag of personal and biographical material such as letters, albums, books, objects, magazines…

Auguste Perret, Huit Chefs d’oeuvre !/? Architectures du Béton Armé

Location: Palais d’Ièna, Paris
Date: 2012
Produced by: OMA-AMO
Role: Graphic Design
Project type: Temporary Exhibition
Curator: Ippolito Pestellini Laparelli
Team: Paul Cournet, Alice Grégoire, Kenny Kim, Lucia Venturini