Estudio Rotondo is a design studio based in Madrid, with an international reach. The studio specializes in spatial and graphic design, with a focus on artistic and cultural projects. We have previously worked in a variety of formats and scales: from temporary exhibitions and art fairs to long term art venues, and institutional branding.  

The studio is headed by Juan Martín Pereira and Lucía Venturini.

Juan Martín Pereira is an Exhibition Designer from Uruguay, who worked in London for 10 years in diverse environments. He worked at Carpenters Workshop Gallery, a gallery with a focus on collectible design. Photo London, a London based artfair and Prix Pictet, an international touring exhibition. Most recently, he specialized in immersive experiences, working for Superblue, an innovative company that creates and stages immersive contemporary artworks.

Lucía Venturini is a Graphic and Industrial Designer with a diverse background in branding, motion graphics, and exhibition design. She gained valuable experience at Point of Reference Studio in Madrid, contributing to various projects in branding, editorial design, and architecture. Additionally, she worked at OMA, Rem Koolhaas' office in the Netherlands, where she contributed to the concept and visual design for multiple Prada and MiuMiu fashion shows in Paris and Milan.

Exhibition Design

We translate an exhibition’s narrative into space, making the best possible use of the venues’ architecture as well as the artworks’ communicative potential.

* Working with artists and curators
* Lighting design
* Travelling exhibitions
* Exhibition graphics
* Renderings
* Technical plans for construction
* Visitor flow and wayfinding
* Liaising with contractors and supervizing build.

Graphic Design

We develop graphic identities with a focus on cultural projects. This includes graphics within a project’s space, as well as communicating the project through diverse media. 

* Brand design, visual identity and style guides
* Editorial design: publications, catalogues, books and magazines
* Exhibition graphics
* Supervizing graphic production and artwork installation.

* Signage
* Social Media


When we first founded Rotondo, one of our goals was to find a closer alignment between our work and our shared values. There are two subjects that are particularly close to our hearts:

* Projects that have nature and sustainability at their core.

* Projects that showcase the work of Latin American artists.

With this in mind, Estudio Rotondo offers special fees to clients working on these subjects.
Feel free to reach out and ask!