We all find comfort in the glow of light in the darkness, illuminating what is otherwise not visible. Night Light brings together the works of five artists who manipulate light and shadow to capture, reveal and re-interpret patterns and behaviours found in nature that often go unnoticed until made to be seen.

The exhibition takes visitors from land to sky and back, in each moment inviting us to pay closer attention to the world that surrounds us: how plants grow and sway in the wind, how forests look under the surface, how birds swarm under threat, how jackals watch over their territory, how storms brew above mountain tops.

Often kinetic and employing innovative technologies, the works in Night Light all aim to inspire the feeling of wonder that we experience when immersed in nature itself, reminding us of both its fragility and its ability to mark the passing of time.

Images courtesy of Christopher Newport University and Superblue

Night Light

Location: Mary M. Torggler Fine Arts Centre, Christopher Newport University. Virginia, USA
Date: 2021
Produced by: Christopher Newport University and Superblue
Role: Exhibition and graphic design
Project type: Inaugural exhibition
Curator: Margot Mottaz
Surface: 700 m2

DRIFT, Flylights
Simon Heijdens, Lightweeds
Joanie Lemercier, Montagne
Michal Rovner, Night Vision
Quayola, Remains