A permanent synthesis of online and offline dynamics is changing the way knowledge is produced, spread and consumed. Hybrids explores the impact on the photographic medium brought about by advances in communication and imaging technologies.

This exhibition brings together 11 artists investigating the shifting state of their discipline, human and technological communication and questions of the right to narratives. The artworks exhibited vary from different mediums like photography, video, sculptures, machines and performance.

FUTURES is a Europe-based photography platform formed by 19 photography institutions. Each of the artists exhibited here was put forward by one of them. FUTURES aims to bring together the global photography community to support and nurture the professional development of emerging artists across the world.  

Images courtesy of PHotoEspaña

HYBRIDS: Forging New Realities as Counter-Narratives

Location: CentroCentro Cibeles as part of PHotoEspaña 2022. Madrid, Spain.
Produced by: PHotoEspaña, Futures and Creative Europe
Role: Exhibition design
Project type: temporary exhibition
Curator: Marina Paulenka Coordinator: Ana Belén García Mula, Ana Berruguete
Surface: 590 m2

Maija Savolainen, Carlos Alba, Hien Hoang, Emily Graha, Eva Kreuger, Marta Bogdansk, Alexey Shlyk, Valeria Cherch, Io Sivertse, Lena Dobrowolska & Teo Ormond, Jean Vincent Simonet